I drip melanin and honey. I am black without apology.

It has been one of those months..er..years

Sometimes it really feels like I am Nancy from Weeds. Home girl just continually fucked up and the more she tried to dig herself out, the worse it got.

I mean, I am not saying I am a drug dealer and shit, but when it comes down to keeping on task and on time. I am Nancy.

For the last month someone in my household has been sick. For the last two weeks we have been dealing with flu like symptoms. So with all of that, I am so freaking far behind and struggling.

I was staying up all night, but even then I cannot seem to keep up. The last thing you want to do when you are wearing a 3 day old shirt, and a hot vomit covered child on your shoulder, is work.

Seriously, I could not even keep my eyes open, I would not trust myself to write code in that state. So, I plugged in my Fire Stick and just started watching whatever as the wave of whatever fucking virus this was rolled through our bodies.

Before everyone got sick, I dropped and broke my phone. My precious Nexus. The only thing that connected me with Facebook and other adults.

I mean, I do have a laptop, tablet and desktop, but it is hard to sit at my desk at 3am. Or trying to type on my tablet while my toddler tries to steal it from me. So while I was dealing with all of the hot vom, I had no phone and no Farm Hero Saga to keep me sane.

I really, really need to stop being Nancy. I need to stop letting shit just sit, trying to find shortcuts and creating new problems for myself.

But I am pretty proud of my TV watching skills at least.  I have to be happy about something. My trakt profile looks wonderful, https://trakt.tv/users/geeksugar.

Now I get to go try to catch up. It is almost 3am, my whole house is finally quiet, so I get to go catch up on everything.

Getting Out

Getting Out

It feels like I’ve been working on my capstone project forever. I’ve been having some health issues that along with stress have me feeling completely run down. Apparently I also have low vitamin D, which makes you feel like crap when its low, so I decided daily walks would help.

As I was finishing the final draft of my capstone, I ended up switching the final project platform. I originally went with WordPress, but quickly realized that getting all of the taxonomies and various variables to mesh together nicely would not work. While WordPress is great with taxonomies, it could not handle the complexity of the data. I had a lot of them linked and needed some pretty complex search requirements and WordPress was not going to work for that.

I ended up rebuilding using Grav. It’s currently on local dev and I’m hoping to get it live this week. I needed to take a day of or two to clear my head to be able to remap everything.

We took a walk to the Monon Trail today. It was also a perfect chance to play Ingress, lol. It was a pretty nice walk, hardly anyone was out,  probably because it was still pretty chilly outside. It helped get me energized and excited to start working again.

C179 Second Attempt

C179 Second Attempt

For the second attempt, I went through all of the course material again. I spoke with a course mentor and that helped a ton. They had provided a few quizzes to take as well. The course mentor went through the sections I was struggling with in depth. I had 4 calls and let me tell you, it is totally worth it to speak to the mentors. I went through these flashcards as well.

I tried to take better notes the second time around as well. I believe that this method of note taking helps me out so much. I finally passed and I am ready to finish my last two courses at WGU. The last two are C299 and C436.


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